TechSmith Camtasia Studio v9.0.5 Build 2021 汉化版-思安阁

Camtasia 是一款专门捕捉屏幕音影的工具软件。它能在任何颜色模式下轻松地记录屏幕动作,包括影像、音效、鼠标移动的轨迹,解说声音等等,另外,它还具有及时播放和编辑压缩的功能,可对视频片段进行剪接、添加转场效果。它输出的文件格式很多,有常用的AVI及GIF格式,还可输出为RM、WMV及MOV格式,用起来极其顺手。

Camtasia还是一款视频编辑软件,可以将多种格式的图像、视频剪辑连接成电影,输出格式可是是 GIF 动画、AVI、RM、QuickTime 电影(需要 QucikTime 4.0 以上)等,并可将电影文件打包成 EXE 文件,在没有播放器的机器上也可以进行播放,同时还附带一个功能强大的屏幕动画抓取工具,内置一个简单的媒体播放器。


v9.0.5 Build 2021:
• Fix a crash when loading a project from an older version of Camtasia
• Fix a crash when loading invalid JPEG files
• Fix a preview thumbnail generation issue

v9.0.4 Build 1948:
• Added a display of playhead time and project duration
• Added support for media with PNG codec to allow MOV files with transparency
• Addressed an issue with YouTube sign in due to Google’s change to OAuth support
• Addressed an issue where a color picker would not accept RGB values while editing a callout
• Addressed an issue where OTF custom font types were unusable
• Addressed an issue where unnecessary meta data files were created during production
• Addressed an issue with subfolder creation during production
• Improvements to trial and registration windows
• Removed OneDrive and O365 SharePoint sharing destinations (known as ‘My Places’) due to security vulnerability
• Other bug fixes and improvements

• New Behaviors as way to quickly animate images, video, or text
• New callouts
• New captions workflow
• New 64-bit engine for faster editing and encoding
• New default assets in asset library
• Drag and drop assets, effects, and more right to canvas
• Canvas editing
• Ability to share projects with Mac
• Color adjustments (brightness, contrast, saturation)
• Voice narration improvements
• Quizzing improvements
• Quizzing per question feedback
• Animated GIF support
• UI updates (more similarities with Mac)

– Added Vimeo production preset
– Added support for 24-bit and 32-bit audio decoding
– Fixed issue related to AVCHD
– Added capability to extract media streams from TREC recordings
– Improvements and bug fixes for the TechSmith Smart Player
– Fixed some scenarios that resulted in a crash on start-up
– Bug fixes for YouTube and Google Drive outputs
– Other minor bugs fixes



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